Holy Grail UV

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Spoon shaped white lure with gold glistening back.

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┬áThis glow-in-the-dark and gold speckled lure should be trolled at 2.0 to 2.25 mph . It is deadly to rainbow and brown trout. Troll it 100 to 200 feet back, right on the bottom for browns. This means, put your down rigger ball in the mud. For kokanee, troll 6 to 50 from the ball and from 30 to 50 ft down; a dodger may help. For rainbow, striper, wipers & other trout, troll in open water 50 to 100 ft. back, and from 1 to 30 ft down.┬áThis lure is considered the Holy Grail of fishing lures to Captain Steve because fish can’t resist it.

Ranked #2 Bass Lure by Captain Steve.

Ranked #3 Brown Trout Lure by Captain Steve.

Ranked #9 Rainbow Lure by Captain Steve.


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