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Captain Steve’s Top Ten Kokanee Lures for Flaming Gorge


Customers often ask Captain Steve what lures he recommends to catch Kokanee, especially at Flaming Gorge. The following are his top picks which were heavily tested during 2015.

1. Extra-small Kokanee Killer

2. Extra-small Kokanee Cookie

3. Extra-small Fire and Ice

4. Small Strawberry Minnow

5. Extra-small Orange Glow Bug

6. Extra-small Kokanee #1

7. Extra-small Bear Lake Secret

8. Extra-small Chartreuse Glow Bug

9. Extra-small Kokanee #3

10. Chartreuse Kokanee Killer

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Captain Steve’s Top 10 Flaming Gorge Lake Trout Lures for 2015

Flaming Gorge Blog Image

There is nothing like having a fantastic fishing day at the Gorge. No one wants to get skunked during a much anticipated trip to Flaming Gorge. Captain Steve’s lures have been well tested in this lake and we can assure you his top 10 picks for Flaming Gorge will catch you that big one. You won’t be disappointed.

  1. Small Blue Knight
  2. Small Whitey Tighty
  3. Small Mac Attack
  4. Small Excalibur
  5. Small After Dinner Mint
  6. Small Temptation
  7. Large Rainbow
  8. Small Bear Lake Secret
  9. Large Kokanee
  10. Large Silver Scaled Chub
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Captain Steve’s Top Ten 2015 Brown Trout Lures

brown trout blog picture

Brown trout can be tricky to catch, but the following 10 lures have brought Captain Steve much success, as well as many of his customers. Enjoy!

  1. Small After Dinner Mint
  2. Small Temptation
  3. Small Deer Creek Special
  4. Small Holy Grail
  5. Small Fire and Ice
  6. Extra-small Bear Lake Secret
  7. Small 24 Karat Gold
  8. Extra-small Kokanee Magic
  9. Extra-small Kokanee Murder
  10. Small Copper Killer
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Kokanee Salmon Being Planted in Fish Lake

Good news! Kokanee Salmon are being planted in Fish Lake. Check out the video below.


We know just the lure to recommend for catching kokanee, and it’s the Kokanee Killer!

Kokanee Killer The Kokanee Killer is Captain Steve’s first choice when fishing for Kokanee. Fish with or without a dodger. Captain Steve prefers to put this lure about 2 or 3 feet behind a medium size dodger. Fish from 30 to 50 ft down.

Buy one today for only $5.00. Free shipping on all orders!


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Captain Steve’s Top Lure of 2015

“Dear Readers, my 2015 lure of the year is The BEAR LAKE SECRET. This one-of-a-kind lure is made for catching BIG fish at Bear Lake. It works well for both cutthroat and lake trout at Bear Lake. It also catches a lot of kokanee at other lakes. I used this lure to set my personal record for total lake trout landed in one day. This new lure was the only lure that worked on my recent trip to Otter Creek, and it was red hot on big rainbow.”

-Captain Steve

               Bear Lake Seceret     Give it a try! Free shipping on all orders!

Photo above: Bear Lake Secret