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Customers Want to Keep Flashy Fish Lures a Secret Because They Work so Well!

News from the Gorge !

“Hey Steve, I went to the Gorge for a few days, early August, and had some of the best mac fishing of my life. One day, we caught 10 fish over 10 pounds with four in the 20 pound range. Lucerne Bay is stacked with fish! The Excalibur is my new favorite spoon. You should keep it a secret.”

Thanks again,

-Kurt Barton ”

 Happy Customer 1
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“Hey, Steve this is my buddy, Taylor, holding a 43″ Mac he caught with one of your Excalibur lures. We caught about 15 macs over the weekend.”
-Kurt Barton
Excalibur 2 blog pic
Fish caught with the Excaliber