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Rainbow Lure

Lake Trout can’t resist Captain Steve’s Rainbow Trolling Lure. Now this is a Flashy Fish Lure!

Rainbow Trolling Fish Pic

Photo Above: Fish caught with a Rainbow Trolling Lure

Rainbow Blog picture

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The Rainbow Trolling Lures! These lures work best form Dec. to July and anywhere & anytime there is Rainbow or Steelhead. They work well on Lake trout & Rainbow. I fish them 1 to 60 ft. down. This lure should be trolled at 2.5 to 2.85 mph on the bottom or in open water. It is the best Lake trout lure when fishing from sheep creek to the dam at Flaming Gorge or when fishing in shallow water above 60

Rainbow Trolling Lure

Photo Above: A fresh batch of hand made Rainbow Trolling Lures by Captain Steve

Rainbow Lure Eric

Photo Above: Fish Caught with a Rainbow Trolling Lure!