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My Fish of a Lifetime!

Jared Pugh had an experience of a lifetime when he went fishing with Captain Steve’s Flashy Fish Lures. His fishing success is sure to peak any fisherman’s interest.

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“Well after a lifetime of fishing for a big lake trout I finally connected with one! After many fish over the years in the 20lb range this big boy cooperated! It ended up at 38 pounds, 42 inches long and 28 1/2″ girth. For anyone that knows me, this is my fish of a lifetime and I’ve worked dang hard to catch a big laker. Steve, thank you so much for the lures and all the info you have given me over the years! It finally came together for me! We ended up with 17 fish over 2 days from 9 to 38 pounds. Every single fish was caught on your lures!!!”

Jared  Pugh