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“The Worst Weather I’ve Ever Fished In!”

As many of you already know, Captain Steve use to be a fishing guide at Flaming Gorge. Captain Steve was notorious for helping his clients catch gargantuan sized fish using his handmade Flashy Fish Lures. One of his clients, Rick Talbot, wrote about his experience with Captain Steve during a  windy trip. We would like to share what he wrote with you, our readers. Thank you Rick for sharing your story and your great photos.

Rick Talbot wrote: 

“I made my first ever trip to Flaming Gorge to see if I could catch my first lake trout. Flaming Gorge is a three hour drive for me so I started out really early to get there by eight. I met up with Captain Steve of Trophy Fishing Guides and we headed out. We started out in some of the worst weather I’ve ever fished from a boat in. There were high winds and really big waves knocking us around but we managed. The weather eventually calmed some as the day went on and we also found some areas where the mountains blocked some of the wind. Captain Steve had us over fish all day but the bite was really slow. He really knows his stuff and I took a lot of notes and learned a ton about lake trout fishing. We ended up boating two lake trout and lost a third. They put up a great fight and I think it’s about as close to salt water fishing as you can get without actually doing it. The fish would make long runs ripping out line as they went. It was quite a rush. I plan to head back up with my boat to see if I can put what I learned to good use. My Uncle held the state record for lake trout until it was broken in 1988 and that record has held ever since. I was also able to do a little fishing from the shore after our trip. The rainbows are at the tail end of their spawn and there were quite a few that were still hanging out in the marina. I was able to catch a few but most of them had some kind of disease on there skin so they were not much to look at. I was told that they were safe to eat but needless to say I released everything I caught. On the plus side is that the majority of them were good sized. You could see dozens cruising the shallows. It was fun getting to sight fish and see all the action.”

Rick Talbot


Rick # 2


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Big Trout Eat These Lures Like Candy!

Take it from Kurt Barton, one Flashy Fish Lures happy customers, Captain Steve’s lures work!

Kurt Barton Kokanee

Kurt Barton wrote:
“I have fished just about every spoon on the market and have yet to find any that produce like Steve’s lures. Big lake trout eat these things like candy! I’ve had days where I caught multiple 30 pounders and dozens of fish in the 20# range on these spoons. Thanks Steve!”

If you have tried Flashy Fish Lures, you’ve probably caught a huge fish, so please email us a picture and write to let Captain Steve and our readers know what you think.


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Recommended Sizes

flashy fish sizes 1

The size of flashy fish lure you use when fishing can really make a difference, depending on the type of fish you’re trying to catch.

Micro sized lures (1 1/4″) are recommended when ice fishing. They also work well when fishing for trout and bass. There is something about this size lure that entice trout and bass to bite.

Extra-small lures (1 5/8″) work well when fishing for kokanee, trout, and bass.

Small lures (2″) are recommended when fishing for kokanee, trout, lake trout, bass and wiper.

Medium lures (2 1/2″) work well on steelhead, salmon and lake trout.

Large lures (3 1/2″) are an excellent choice when fishing for Ocean King Salmon. Lake trout will bite large lures too.

EX Large lures (4 1/4″) are an excellent choice when fishing for Ocean King Salmon. Lake trout will bite large lures too.

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Customers Tell Captain Steve What They Think About Flashy Fish Lures

Lunker Lure
Lunker Lure

“I have used Lunker Lures, Deer Creek Specials, After Dinner Mints, and Strawberry Minnows for rainbow and tiger trout. Great lures that out-fished my old favorites! More tiger trout than rainbow fishing for me. I would say the lunker lure is #1, followed closely by the after dinner mint, but all 4 I have caught fish. One day it would be the lunker and the next day the mint. Absolute fish slayers!! These lures catch fish period! If the one that caught them yesterday doesn’t, work try a different color. Never been skunked since using these lures!”

-Scott Smith

“Hey Steve, I went to the Gorge for a few days, early August, and had some of the best mac fishing of my life. One day, we caught 10 fish over 10 pounds with four in the 20 pound range. Lucerne Bay is stacked with fish! The Excalibur is my new favorite spoon. You should keep it a secret.” Thanks again,

-Kurt Barton

“Just left Kolob and was using Steve’s lures done really well, 2 weeks ago at fish lake my son and I caught over 20 lake trout in about 6 hrs, again using Steve’s lures.”

-Kenneth A. Wade

“Whitey Tighty is a Great Lake trout lure. Mac Attac is also great
Best lures I’ve ever used.”

-Duane Gillette

“These lures work!!”

-Jason Bracken

“You should check out this guys page he has some nice lures!”

-James C. Cogsdil

“The first time I used the AFTER DINNER MINT I was going down to the bottom at Flaming Gorge but run out of line at 80′ so left it there and in 10 min. I got a 29″ laker. Changed reels, and went down to the bottom and got 6 lakers that day, also had 3 lines out for Kokes. it was a fun day.”

-Robert Gressman

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Captain Steve’s Top Ten Kokanee Lures for Flaming Gorge


Customers often ask Captain Steve what lures he recommends to catch Kokanee, especially at Flaming Gorge. The following are his top picks which were heavily tested during 2015.

1. Extra-small Kokanee Killer

2. Extra-small Kokanee Cookie

3. Extra-small Fire and Ice

4. Small Strawberry Minnow

5. Extra-small Orange Glow Bug

6. Extra-small Kokanee #1

7. Extra-small Bear Lake Secret

8. Extra-small Chartreuse Glow Bug

9. Extra-small Kokanee #3

10. Chartreuse Kokanee Killer

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Captain Steve’s Top 10 Flaming Gorge Lake Trout Lures for 2015

Flaming Gorge Blog Image

There is nothing like having a fantastic fishing day at the Gorge. No one wants to get skunked during a much anticipated trip to Flaming Gorge. Captain Steve’s lures have been well tested in this lake and we can assure you his top 10 picks for Flaming Gorge will catch you that big one. You won’t be disappointed.

  1. Small Blue Knight
  2. Small Whitey Tighty
  3. Small Mac Attack
  4. Small Excalibur
  5. Small After Dinner Mint
  6. Small Temptation
  7. Large Rainbow
  8. Small Bear Lake Secret
  9. Large Kokanee
  10. Large Silver Scaled Chub
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Kokanee Salmon Being Planted in Fish Lake

Good news! Kokanee Salmon are being planted in Fish Lake. Check out the video below.


We know just the lure to recommend for catching kokanee, and it’s the Kokanee Killer!

Kokanee Killer The Kokanee Killer is Captain Steve’s first choice when fishing for Kokanee. Fish with or without a dodger. Captain Steve prefers to put this lure about 2 or 3 feet behind a medium size dodger. Fish from 30 to 50 ft down.

Buy one today for only $5.00. Free shipping on all orders!


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Captain Steve’s Top Lure of 2015

“Dear Readers, my 2015 lure of the year is The BEAR LAKE SECRET. This one-of-a-kind lure is made for catching BIG fish at Bear Lake. It works well for both cutthroat and lake trout at Bear Lake. It also catches a lot of kokanee at other lakes. I used this lure to set my personal record for total lake trout landed in one day. This new lure was the only lure that worked on my recent trip to Otter Creek, and it was red hot on big rainbow.”

-Captain Steve

               Bear Lake Seceret     Give it a try! Free shipping on all orders!

Photo above: Bear Lake Secret